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revive your slow computer

Old age creeps up slowly – unless you’re a computer.

After that, it appears as though it took place overnight. The next day, booting up takes so long that you not only have time to brew a cup of coffee, but you could have run out to the neighbourhood café to get the good stuff. Then, one day, you sign in routinely and jump immediately into the activity.

At this point, many become frustrated to the point that they throw their hands up and begin yearning for a new computer. However, your computer is not malfunctioning and does not require replacement; rather, it is just sluggish.

A waste of time and effort that is also excruciatingly sluggish.

Computers, like any other equipment, contain parts that eventually fail, particularly if they contain moving elements that are used in an almost continuous manner.

In most computers, slowdowns are almost always caused by the hard disk.

The traditional design for hard drives consists of a stack of circular magnetic platters that spin at speeds of up to 7200 revolutions per minute while a read/write head mounted on a mechanical arm moves back and forth across the platters.

The platters eventually take longer to spin up, and they cannot reach full throttle. Also, the mechanical arm eventually becomes sluggish, keeping you in suspense. And while you are waiting...

SSDs Can Give Aging Computers A New Lease On Life
The New Era Of Hard Drives Is Here With Solid State Drives, Which Have No Moving Parts. Zero.

They're similar to the USB stick you have in your computer that gets battering regularly but still works flawlessly.

A brief update to solid-state storage can shave off minutes (or even hours) from the time it takes for a computer to boot up, in addition to streamlining ordinary computer operations with lightning-fast functionality.


  • Cool - not producing heat, which allows other components to function more effectively.
  • Long-lasting since there are no moving parts that can break.
  • Compact: Slightly longer and wider than a credit card, but not much thicker.
  • Long durability — You will likely need to replace your entire system before the SSD goes out.
  • Extraordinarily quick – Instant access to the data is provided.
  • Suitable for all systems– laptop, desktop, and even MacBooks.

It is possible to replace your old, slow hard drive with a new, lightning-fast solid-state drive in just one day.

We can provide you with a solid-state drive of 250 gigabytes, 500 gigabytes, or even one terabyte in capacity, as well as install it for you and clone your exist hard drive to it (Windows, programs, and data). The price includes a complete one-year warranty on both the parts and the labour.

We can also help you if you want a brand new solid-state drive (SSD) installed with a new copy of Windows (the fastest possible speed boost) installed on it.

Make your reservation for the SSD upgrade today.

(tomorrow, you can delegate the duty of watching the kettle boil to someone else). 

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