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Collaboration was shown to be responsible for more than one-third of the success or failure of a company’s business performance, according to a poll that included 4,500 enterprise decision-makers.1 When it comes to the success of a small business, collaboration is just as crucial, if not more so. But would the tools be too difficult or expensive for a small business that primarily needs to collaborate with people outside of an office environment or their organisation? It is not the case if you maximise your use of Office 365. Modern workers have come to assume that their tools will provide them with the required capabilities to maintain their productivity and efficiency. If a company does not supply its employees with these tools, they will download and utilise their own, whether on their work computer, personal laptop, or smartphone. On the other hand, having tools that don’t work well together is a surefire way to prevent full collaboration. It will not be the case if you utilise Office 365 to its full potential. The integrated Office 365 suite provides businesses scalability, quick installation, superior protection, and flexible, user-friendly tools that help employees achieve exceptional business outcomes. These benefits are delivered to businesses in the form of a suite. Take, for instance, the scenario where you have a small internal team working in partnership with contractors from out of state on a project. They keep in close contact with one another through weekly Skype calls and daily Yammer talks; these tools are integrated into the Office 365 package. SharePoint is used to administer the project and store all of the files, and they utilise Yammer and Skype to keep in touch.1 Frost & Sullivan. The following is a press release that has been issued by Frost & Sullivan: “Frost & Sullivan Unveils Groundbreaking ROI Tool That Guarantees Better Business Performance,” December 8, 2015

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