Computer Repair Done Right

Computer Repair provides total remote computer repair and online PC support by getting a certified expert to address all your PC-related worries.

We specialize in remote PC support - the expects connect to your machine remotely to turn down your PC issues.

The online PC help that we render, by means of chat-based support sessions, would help you understand your computer issues and then while you sit back and watch, we resolve and protect your computer from further issues.

With online PC support from Computer Repair, you can use your computer hassle-free…always!

  • Individual Devices

  • Home or Office network support

  • Immedate Virus Removal

  • IT strategy for COVID-19

  • General Repair Diagnostics

  • Troubleshooting Support

What is Remote PC Repair?

Remote PC repair can be a convenience to busy consumers everywhere. It doesn’t require time-consuming trips to a repair shop and offers personalized solutions.

As consumers rely on computers for everyday tasks, computers are becoming integral in every home. Likewise, good repair services are also essential.

Remote repair options are a popular option when it comes to PC repairs. They involve special software unique to the repair needs of each PC. Remote repair works in the same way remote controlling of computers does.

After downloading special software, a technician can control and repair a computer. Therefore, there’s no need for a technician to come in person to repair PCs or for consumers to drop off PCs for repair.

We fix, deal & partner with all major computer brands

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What Makes Computer Repair Better?

Remote repair is a convenient option for just about anyone. Above all, it’s helpful for businesses that have multiple, large PCs to repair.

It’s also helpful for working professionals with no time to bring PCs in for repair. Similar services may allow users to call in and receive assistance by phone. However, for those not computer savvy, this can be a frustrating and confusing experience.

Anyone tired of or concerned about errors and warning messages or virus notices is a good candidate for remote PC repair. Users concerned about physical issues, like, a cracked screen, would rather opt for in-person repairs.

Similarly, hardware issues require in-person visits.

  • A COVIDSafe IT solution

    • Move systems & software to cloud-based offerings. Like Microsoft 365.
    • Help you support the IT needs of WFH staff
    • Build a remote management system for you & your managers
    • Optimise for video calling

  • Network Support (Home or Office)

    • Diagnose & Optimise network speeds
    • Website access and permissions
    • Password management
    • Printer & other peripherals management

  • Computers

    • Update software & security patches
    • Speed up slow computers
    • Find lost files and documents
    • Provide remote learning & training

  • Phones & Tablets

    • Setup email and other important accounts
    • Setup company/parental controls
    • Install and configure applications
    • Diagnose and fix a broken device

  • Fixed Pricing

    We have the most affordable quotes with free and fixed prices. We may charge to inspect your problem first, so we can give you an accurate quote on that specific issue.

  • Same Day Service

    All quotes are free and our prices can't be beat! We would never charge you for a quote if we don't know the problem.

  • No Fix No Fee

    Pricing options with us are clear from start: fixed rates, free quotes! 

Book a Melbourne computer repair technician today on 570 156!

We look after your IT issues and suggest the best solution.

We are a nationwide network of professionals that provide onsite and online computer repair services. Our technicians can help you with any problem, whether it be hardware or software related. You don't have to worry about the hassle of shipping your device to us - we come to you!

Apple Support & Repairs

  • Mac OS Problems

  • Mac Running Slow

  • System Upgrades / SSD Upgrade

Computers & Laptops

  • Desktops & laptop computer repairs

  • Virus, running slow or just wont turn on

  • New computer builds & setup

iPads & Tablets

  • Apple, Samsung & other brands

  • New device setup

  • Wifi network & apps

Printers & Scanners

  • Printer setup & installation

  • Scanner setup

  • WiFi print & network

Data Backup & Recovery

  • Dropbox, Google cloud setup

  • Data recovery

  • Local backups

Privacy & Security

  • Security software & antivirus

  • WiFi & network security

  • Privacy settings & apps

WiFi & Networking

  • Wireless network setup

  • Slow internet troubleshooting

  • Home network setup

Photos & Media

  • Cloud backup & restore photos

  • Access & sharing

  • Security offline backups

TVs & Smart Homes

  • Smart TV & streaming setup

  • Google & Apple TV smart home

  • WiFi, privacy & security


  • Email setup & management

  • Email backup & recovery

  • New email account creation

Internet NBN & IPTEL

  • Residential & Business NBN

  • Unlimited Internet

  • Unlimited calls local, national & mobile

Website Design Service

  • Custom Built Websites

  • Hosting Support & Maintenance

  • SEO - Search Engine Optimization

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Best Remote IT Services in Australia

Wouldn't it be amazing if you could get instant help whenever you face a problem with your computer system? If yes, then remote IT support outsourcing services is what you need!

Outsourcing remote IT support services is a smarter way of resolving computer related issues within a quick time. Be it a hardware or software issue, most of these can be sorted remotely using an online platform.

We Connect to Your PC Online and Fix it While You Watch

Our experienced staff of experts can help you with most technical issues, virus removals and tune-ups. We can diagnose and repair your system for much less then it would cost at a local repair shop. Our reasonable rates and expert support team will give you an excellent value for your dollar. We offer services for all phases of computer repair from the casual surfer to the full business sector.

  • Call Us Today

    Wondering how to schedule an onsite visit? Give us a call and we'll walk you through the process.

  • Personal Adresss Visit

    Our friendly and reliable technicians will come to you. Whether at your home or work, we'll help diagnose the problem with a prompt solution so that you can get back on track quickly!

  • Fix Your Issue

    We'll fix up your PC so you don't have to become a computer geek.

About Computer Repair - Melbourne Computer Repairs

Computer Repair, computer repairs Melbourne is the place to turn when your PC needs a boost. Whether you're having troubles with viruses or spyware, we can have it up and running like new in no time! We offer desktops services as well for both home and business owners alike, so don't hesitate to call us if something doesn't sound right on your machine.

Our mobile team will come out promptly of you give us notice by 10 am same day-don’t worry about going without access all day long while waiting for an appointment at some office building down the street from where you live!

The best part? You get this amazing service anywhere--at home or work

We can fix 95% of all computer problems in Melbourne locations, and we come to you! This means no more waiting days for your equipment back from a local repair shop. Our new same day service is great because it solves the problem quickly so you get on with life again without any hassle or added stress.

We have been operating since 2012 when our founder realised that there was an underserved market here in Australia - one where computers were not being serviced promptly enough due to business hours restrictions at most standard IT shops nearby (many people are unaware they even exist).

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