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Brisbane’s daily life is more than just work and school. Brisbaneites need to keep their computers running, too! That means there are plenty of computer repair places in the city-from Ipswich all the way down into Logan City. But who has time for that when a problem arises? We make it easy with our expert repairs and ‘worry free service’ so you can get back up on your feet as soon as possible.

Around the country, around the block. – That’s Computer Repair!

Brisbane offers a variety of computer repair services, from the city center to Ipswich. We do our part by providing expert repairs and 'worry free' service - no matter where you are in Brisbane!

Why you can count on Computer Repair:

  • You can book a job online 24/7
  • We’ll work hard to ensure that we give you our full attention when it is your turn.
  • Every problem is different and we work hard to get the right answer.
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Our local Computer Repair specialists can help with all your computer needs, including these common issues:

  • Computer Won’t Turn On
  • Computer Has A Virus
  • Printer Stopped Working
  • Data Recovery Help
  • Photo Recovery
  • Set Up My Device
  • Securing Social Media Accounts
  • Software Configuration Management
  • Email Setup and Configuration

As all Computer Repair technicians undergo years of training, our customers can be guaranteed that their computer repair will go as smoothly and quickly as possible with:

  • We come as soon as possible and our goal is always to have you up-and running the same day.
  • Keeping your repair needs in mind, we're open from 8am to 9pm 7 days a week and take Sundays off.
  • We can quote on troubleshooting, inspection time required for diagnosis of the problem, which will be reported with an accurate price estimate for repairs offered.

You rely on your computer. But do you really know all that it can do? Trust Computer Repair to set up a network for any of your needs, from home networks and simple setups at the office to larger networks with dedicated IT departments.

Computer Repair Services are your go-to when it comes to troubleshooting, preventing computer and network crashes. From tune-ups to upgrading hardware or software, they have a solution for any problem that might arise with computers in the future.

And when you do need a repair, trust Computer Repair for same day service in most cases. Our Expert Techs can fix most problems in one visit. What’s more, increasing numbers of problems can be dealt with remotely, without you even needing a visit.


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